the fda has known for decades that taking potassium
iodide (ki) during a radiation emergency prevents cancer.

the benefits of potassium iodide in the midst of a radiation disaster are clear. -source fda

potassium iodide ?known to cut risk of thyroid cancer? -fda
?authorities have known for decades that taking potassium iodide before or right after
exposure to radioactive fallout can prevent some ill effects, especially in young children, who
are most vulnerable to thyroid cancer.? "considering its price, it just seems like a no-brainer.
we should have been doing this a long time ago."
-david lochbaum, nuclear expert at the union of concerned scientists. -source washington post

american thyroid association endorses potassium iodide as ?essential? for preventing radiation related cancer. ?the american thyroid association (ata) endorses the use of potassium iodide (ki) to protect people from absorbing radioactive iodine released during nuclear emergencies. high levels of radioactive iodine exposure can cause thyroid cancer, especially in babies and children up to 18 years of age. ki reduces the risk of thyroid cancer in exposed populations. ata advocates ki as an essential adjunct to evacuation, sheltering, and avoiding contaminated food, milk, and water.? -american thyroid association

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many countries have nuclear weapons, others are seeking them
virtually all civilized countries stockpile potassium iodide
the us has more waste than we  know what to do with, so do many other countries!
transporting waste can leave it most vunerable to highjacking or accidents
nuclear arms race accelerates
cia shocked by 11 nuclear weapon tests conducted by
india & pakistan
united states unprepared?
unlike france, poland & a
host of countries, the u.s.
has not stockpiled ki
aging nuclear waste stockpile
more than 77,000 tons stored
at 131 sites across 39 states nationwide
mobile chernobyl
to date, more than 2700 u.s. nuclear waste shipments have travelled 1.6 million miles by
rail & interstate highways
if taken 3-4 hrs after exposure, pro-ki potassium iodide protects against:

do you know how far you are from the closest nuclear power plant?
nuclear reactor accidents - 40% of u.s. population at risk
government reports site nearly non-existant security at the nation's atomic power plants.
terrorist reactor attacks - all u.s. reactors vulnerable
the world is full of nuclear weapons, some are unknown or unaccounted for!
nuclear weapons - majority of country affected
mobile chernobyl - waste shipment can leave nuclear material at it's most vunerable
nuclear waste accidents - transported on u.s. highways
proki potassium iodide provides effective and easy protection from radiation proki - 100ct bottle
65mg tablets
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proki potassium iodide provides effective and easy protection from radiationproki potassium iodide provides effective and easy protection from radiation
proki potassium iodide provides effective and easy protection from radiation proki potassium iodide provides effective and easy protection from radiation
proki - 4 bottles
100 tablets each
65mg tablets
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common questions and answers:
is potassium iodide safe for me and my children?
it's perfectly safe and has been used for decades by civilians and military
personnel with no ill side-effects. it can be taken by children of any age.
a complete fda guidance information sheet is included with every order.

how much do i take and when do i take it?
adults take 2 tablets a day only during radiation exposure. children 3 to 18 years old
(<155lbs) should take 1 tablet per day, age 1 month to 3 years take 1/2 tablet per
day and birth through 1 month take 1/4 tablet.

what is potassium iodide and how does it work?
radioactive iodine (radioiodine) is produced in nuclear explosions and comes down in
fallout. if inhaled or ingested, it resides in the thyroid gland increasing a risk of cancer.
potassium iodide harmlessly saturates the thyroid, blocking absorption of radioiodine.

is this the same as potassium iodate?
the only form ever approved by the fda,
potassium iodide as found in pro-ki is recommended over
potassium iodate by the world health organization because the
iodate form can cause gastro intestinal irritation and discomfort.

does proki have an expiration date and how old is it?
this batch of pro-ki was manufactured in 7/2009, that
guarantees you the freshest supply available anywhere.
expires in 7/2014, although if kept under proper conditions,
pro-ki could last significantly longer.

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